Law Office of David S. Howard

Tax & Business Oriented Practice Serving Successful Closely-held Companies and Their Owners in Silicon Valley

Additionally, we help individuals with large tax liabilities either potential or actual. Multinational families, non-US Citizens living in the US, undisclosed foreign accounts. Foreign business operations, off-shore trusts, tax issues that make people lose sleep including, audits, appeals and US Tax Court cases.

Law Office of David S. Howard

Our Values:

  • Minimizing Taxes - Legal or "not yet illegal" but never illegal.
  • Win-Win transactions but no nonsense.
  • We have no fear when we represent our clients.
  • We treat US and State tax auditors with respect and as fellow professionals.
  • We give frank feedback to business decision makers.
  • We appreciate frank feedback as well.
  • We have a moral compass and we strive to be authentic.
  • Our clients have similar values and are friends.
  • What is best for our client is best.
  • Our billing rates and fees per project are reasonable and are not surprises.
  • Our clients do not include parties who cannot afford to pay our fees promptly.
  • We do not attempt in practice in areas where we have inadequate expertise.

Senior Attorney

Known for creativity.

Our Team of Experienced Professionals include Attorneys, CPAs, and Experts.

We listen carefully to understand where you are, want to do or be, the hurdles and handicaps, and we come up with alternatives which are often missed by others.

Our Logo Tells our story. There is a red box and a blue box joined together with yellow to form a circle. We provide the yellow that makes the ideas work.

Many clients are referred to us by other professional advisors.

Services for Closely-Held Companies & Their Owners

  • Business Formation, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, LLP
  • Selling the Company or Buying Another
  • Succession planning to keep company in the family
  • Compensation strategies (Phantom Stock, Covered Calls, SARs)
  • Resolving and avoiding disputes among owners
  • Estate Planning for Business Owners
  • Tax audits, appeals, US Tax Court representation
  • Multinational Matters

Services for Wealthy Individuals

  • Tax controversies, audits, appeals, US Tax Court representation
  • Multinational Matters and Reporting Foreign Accounts
  • Estate Planning for Complex Estates

We Serve CPA & Law Firms Too

  • Let us be your firm's "Tax Partner."
  • Let us help you answer that hard question or deal with the difficult audit.
  • We will help you keep your client happy with your service.

Meet Our Team

Our team is prepared to deal with law and numbers.

Dave Howard, CPA, Atty Founder
Evan R. Alonzo, CPA, Atty Family Companies, M & A, Estate Planning
Kendra Verhaege, CPA Family Companies, Real Estate, Estates and Trusts
Jonathan Howard, CPA Planning, Research, Compliance
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