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Representative Articles & Presentations

Over his many years of practice Dave has been a frequent presenter of speeches, articles, and classes. A few of those articles and presentations are at the links below.

Tax Mistakes Not To Make When Selling a Closely Held Company

The stage is setting up for industry consolidation, mergers and acquisitions. The feeding frenzy will be starting soon to gobble up closely held companies.

Separating Tax Myths From Reality

While there is a long list of tax myths, these three common myths are harder to kill than Freddy Krueger.

Politically Correct Compensation Plans for Top Corporate Executives

Shareholders and the general public have become outraged with what has been termed excessive compensation of top executives.

New Streamlined Procedures for Foreign Bank Account Compliance

The IRS has set up a streamlined program for getting foreign investment and bank accounts into full compliance with US income tax reporting laws.

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